Sunday, October 4, 2009

sf Randi

Oh I am so excited :)
I have a font!

Ellie Lash is teaming up with her friend Ivy to make a new free font site ( and she was looking for volunteers to submit their handwriting to build up their stock of fonts. I have been wanting a font of my own for ages, but never have done anything about it, so when her post popped up in my Google Reader, I was excited!

I sent my completed base template in yesterday and received my font this evening! What quick turnaround! Now I'm wishing I had girlier, prettier handwriting :)

Here it is:

Now my husband is wanting to do one of his own, as well as my cousin's 7 year old daughter. I need to print out a couple more templates! :)

Check out their site if you haven't already. They are just getting started, but you can already tell it is going to be full of fun fonts and other sweet goodies:

I'll be back this week sometime with my regular wordart posts. I am spending this evening knocking out a few bunches while hubbie is out with the boys.

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