Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Mine

Agggh! Saturday has hit me hard! I am still pajamaed and freezing!

Here is today's wordart before I go back to my soft couch, warm cocoa, and cuddly husband. A piece from the Dumbo lullaby Baby Mine (you should hear the version by Alison Krauss, it is beautiful). Click to download:


Check back tomorrow, another freebie!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Godspeed, Little Man

Hooray for Friday! I love having my hubbie home all weekend!

So here is today's. I love country music, so if you like my wordarts you'll have to get used to it. This is a lyric from a Dixie Chick song I absolutely love, but have no baby to sing it to unfortunately. If you're not familiar with the song, I urge you to download it. A sweet, sweet lullaby for a baby boy.
(click to download):


I was debating on whether or not to post on weekends, post freebies I mean. But I have so many wordarts stored up, it seems a waste not to offer them! So for now I will keep this daily roll going, I'm sure I'll slow up eventually!

Tomorrow is another lullaby-inspired piece. For babies of both genders this time.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

An American Girl

Hello! Was SO excited to see real-people comments showing up on here! It's nice to know people are liking the wordart so far. And as for Kay's comment, I know most Texans can't stand the cold, I'm a rare breed. My husband jokes we should move up north somewhere, but I think I am partial to cold fronts, not cold winters! Haha.

Well, I will admit to laziness; it's a problem for me. Hence the name. I still haven't budged on my kit and yesterday instead of cruising the online Digital Scrapbook world, I braved the icy streets and hit Wal-Mart for some much-needed food staples. Today the streets are safer and I am fully supplied, so I will really get down to it today. I hope!! :)

Here's today's wordart:


Tomorrow is one for the baby boys, lullaby inspired.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jesus Loves the Little Children

So hello! I got the house cleaned yesterday! It's a miracle haha! I was so glad to have my freebies added to both the DigiFree and Creative Busy Hands sites! Today I plan on doing some Digital Scrapbook surfing. Maybe join a couple forums, work on layouts, take part in a challenge or two. Just jump in.

I am loving the cold. Our winters down here in Texas leave much to be desired and I love the cold weather, so I have to enjoy every second of wintery weather I can get. And right now we're in a cold front, so I am happy! The woodstove is sure getting a workout.

Here is today's freebie. I must've heard this song on TV or something because I was humming it incessantly the other day. So I made it into a wordart and the song flew right out of my head! Will have to remember that trick haha!


Hit me back tomorrow for a patriotic wordart freebie!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy's Hands

Well, yesterday I didn't get my darn house cleaned! Hubbie's work was so slow he was sent home, so we spent the day cuddled on the couch next to the woodstove, watching backed up TV shows on our DVR. It was nice, but super unproductive! Today I need to get my rear in gear!

So here's the freebie for today. This one is (of course) inspired by a song. My youngest sister sang this song in concert choir in high school. I thought it would make for a sweet layout with a father and child.


Check back tomorrow for a Christian-themed Wordart.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It is Well

Well yay, I actually got back to my computer to post today! I checked my 4shared account and had a few downloads of yesterday's Wordart, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded it. I had a blast last night churning out new wordarts while my husband did homework. My kit seems to have fallen by the wayside for now, but I will finish it, hopefully before Valentines Day. Wordart might just be an addiction!

So today I need to clean my house!! But first I will post another wordart freebie. This one means a lot to me. I played flute in the marching band in jr high and high school for 7 years. And my freshman year my beloved band director chose this hymn as our finale song. Now it is a symbol of our "Pure Gold Band" and is played at every game and concert. My band director was replaced (by a not-so-great one) and I graduated years ago, but this song really touches me still every time I hear it. So here it is (click to download):


And tomorrow I will have another wordart freebie, for all the fathers out there (or mothers scrapping pictures of fathers haha). Take care!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My First Freebie

A wordart I made:
(click to download)


Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Introduction

Haha, I realized I didn't say a word about myself in the last post, so I'll be quick.

I'm Randi, married to Joe. We got married at 19, so at 27 I have been married over eight (wonderful!) years. We've been trying for a baby for about six years now, including a failed in-vitro attempt back in 2006. Right now we're working towards trying again. We bought a house in our hometown back in 2007 and got a crazy Golden Retreiver puppy in 2008 (named Neville - as in Longbottom). I adore all things daisy (preferably white with yellow centers). They were my wedding flower and they never fail to make me happy. Also I tend to be quite lazy, hence the name!

First Post

Ok, so I am starting a digital scrapbooking blog!
I am nervous! lol

Have been trolling sites for a couple months, bought a few things, put together a sweet memory book of my 8 year marriage. And then got bit by the designing bug.

For now I will stick with some wordart. It is easy and quick to do and I love it. I am working on a kit, but am still kinda slow at it and unsure of myself, so I will have to work on that some more before I'm ready to post anything! But starting the blog SHOULD give me the motivation to keep going.

I need to join up on a forum and start posting layouts and interacting with other scrapbookers, but the number of boards to choose from is daunting and I am the type to wade slowly into the water, not jump in all at once :) But I will get a move on and get going!

Hope to have a wordart freebie up by tomorrow. Well see how this goes!