Friday, January 29, 2010

And YET ANOTHER contest post

I have been blog-giveaway crazy lately, sorry. I am sure it is a phase, and it will pass :)

Today I wanted to tell you about The Dress-up Drawer. Jaime over there makes the most adorable superhero capes and has a week of great giveaways going on over there - and I HAD to enter them. Because I am blog-giveaway crazy, as previously mentioned! Please excuse this post if you have no interest in giveaways :)

Today I entered to win one of her awesome capes, a precious baby blanket from Little Gumdrops, fantastically comfy looking Mary Jane slippers from Broken Hallelujah, a knit baby hat from Bekima Knits, a "doodle purse" from MaKC Creations, and some neat spray from Picnic Basket Crafts.

For yesterday, I entered to win the party hat headband from And Jane, the I Spy bag from Giggle Junction, and the sweet plush baby toy from Lightning Bugz, some awesome jewelry from Jia Girls Best Friend, an adorable headband from Oh So Happy Together, and a set of coasters from Love My Coasters.

For day-before-yesterday (yes, I'm still going!), I entered to win some cute little wooden owls from Maple Shade Kids, two pressed peony hair dealies from Made With Love and Glue, a lip balm assortment from In Lulu's Garden, the cutest handmade Mary Jane shoes I've ever seen from Portland Beanie Company, a pair of pink V-Day baby bottoms from Rae Gun, and a little boy's whale shirt from Plum Tree Studio.

For Tuesday, I entered to win a pink cocoon from Simply Basic Designs, a purse pack from Soapalaya Soaps, a headband from Plum Accessories, an owl from Little Polka Dot, a fantastic little boys' toolbelt from A Diva and 3 Dudes Designs, and a to-die-for monster change purse (really love this one) from Zomb.

And (finally!) from Monday, I entered to win a groovy laptop skin from Groovy Lids, a gorgeous necklace from Flora Bond, some amazing make-up from Orglamix, a headband from The Ciao Bella Boutique, the most delightful fake cookies I've ever seen from Podgehodge, and a pacifier blanket and clip from Sweet Ruby.

If you're wondering why childless me enters to win the children stuff contests as well as the adult, remember: I have 17 (going on 19!) incredible nieces and nephews and ANY giveaway I can enter to score them a little loot is definitely worth it :)

Here is the link to her blog full of giveaways, in case you're interested. You still have time to enter these!:
Dress up Drawer

I'll be back Monday with some wordart goodies for YOU!

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  1. I love that you enter to win stuff for your nieces and nephews. I would do the same thing!! I have 1 niece and 6 nephews and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being an aunt...don't you?? But I have to ask, HOW do you keep track of all the blog contests you have entered so you can go back and check to see if you won??? I am so curious. Thanks